Upcoming Events and Seminars

Friday-Sunday, September 15-17 at Chicago Aikikai

” Ikeda Shihan is a globally in-demand instructor, having taught hundreds of seminars around the world. He followed Mitsugi Saotome Shihan in moving to the US in 1976. He founded Boulder Aikikai, and Aikido Bridge, a series of seminars to bring together aikidokas from different organizations. As of 2016 he serves as vice President of the Aikido Shimbokukai organization.

Ikeda Shihan emphasizes aikido’s internal concepts, specifically “chushin” (中心): maintaining one’s center while breaking another’s balance. Registration and Costs

The early registration cost (prior to 9/8) is $160. Space is limited. Priority is given to full registrations. If space is available, we will open registration starting September 1 for a single class or classes. 

Aikido students of all levels and affiliations are welcome to register for training. Observers may watch for free. Click here to register before the space runs out. The official flyer for the seminar is attached for posting in your dojo.COVID-19 protocols

COVID protocol is subject to change. As of now, vaccination records are required (unless proof of exception provided). Masks are optional. 

We have limited homestay with Chicago Aikikai dojo members. Please request this option through [email protected] early so we can arrange for you. Our dojo is located on top of a bar. Disco music and sleep don’t usually go well together.

Feel free to share this remarkable training opportunity with your Aikido community. Any questions, please reach out to [email protected]. We’re looking forward to seeing you for training.”